Seterra Dialogue (SEDia) 2022

Championing the Cause to transform Islamic Aged Care in Malaysia




Seterra Dialogue (SEDia) 2022

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Office Conference

Transforming Islamic Aged Care in Malaysia

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Main Theme

Transforming Islamic Aged Care in Malaysia

Conference Subthemes

Correcting perceptions & prejudices

Sustainable Business Models

Financial planning for aged care & Management of wealth

Benchmarking standards of future Islamic aged care homes

Local Experience in Islamic Aged Care


Correcting Perceptions & Prejudices – Aged Care from the Perspective of Islam

Focus of discussion:
Our responsibility in taking care of our parents;
Concept of Waris responsibility; and
Aged care from the Islamic & Sunnah perspective

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Topic 1: 

Sustainable Business Models for Islamic Aged Care

Focus of discussion:

How to make the business of aged care sustainable?

How to make aged care affordable and accessible for everyone?

Topic 2: 

Sustainable Post Retirement Wealth Management

Focus of discussion:

How to Plan for aged care or manage Wealth for Aged Care?

What financial instruments are there to build a nest egg for Aged care for Malaysians

How aged care can be affordable to everybody?

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Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Topic 3: 

Benchmarking standards of future of Islamic aged care homes

Focus of discussion:

What are the benchmark standards that must be applied to all Islamic Aged Care facility in terms of building the facilities and the standards of Caregiving

Local & overseas experience

Monitoring & Auditing aged care facilities, enforcement of standards

Topic 4: 

Current Experience in Islamic Aged Care

Focus of discussion:

What are some of the problems faced by current operators in running aged care homes & also in the training of caregivers?

Affordability and Access to Aged Care Facilities in Malaysia