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We are the Seterra Group of Companies

Our Goal

Revolutionise the standard of Islamic Aged care in Malaysia

Our Aim

Setting of new world class standards in Aged healthcare facilities.

We will implement and build new, cutting-edge digital platforms, applications and solutions to ensure optimum health and wellness of our customers are achieved.

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Seterra is an
Aged Care Operating Company

We aim to ease the burden of ageing.

Our goal - achieve high state of spiritual, physical and emotional well-being

for our aged residents.  

Our means – ground breaking curriculums of Activity Daily Lifestyle (ADL) co-created with Islamic faculties and university Islamic scholars to cover all grounds and aspects of ‘Husnul Khotimah’ finding peace and contentment in their later years.  

Seterra is a Syariah compliant company in Malaysia.

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The Masjid, The Qariah and The Aging Population

Bukit Damansara is one of the many aging townships in the country.

What may not be so common though is that this township Mosque community had a realization and desire for the need to pursue a balance in their success of the duniawi with the ukhrawi.

The ideation of an Islamic Aged Care centre itself, came from the Bukit Damansara Qariah. They wanted an alternative to their current abode, yet still be in physical and spiritual contact with the Mosque

they were familiar with.

This spark by the Qariah was kept alive and pursued by our very own Director, Raja Dhiyauddin for six (6) years, as he remained voted by the Qariah, in the position of the Mosque Committee Secretary, for three (3) consecutive terms.

Although the  two (2) different Mayors, had bent over backwards in trying to help the Mosque succeed with this aspiration, lack of consistent follow through caused by the everchanging committees and more pertinently the absence of funds – saw the project dying a natural death.

It was at this point, in mid- 2019 after eight (8) long years, that Raja Dhiyauddin, Haji Shahruddin, Rashidi Yahaya, Wan Rashdan and Haji Yusof, who were long-standing Qariah, decided to adopt a different approach to bring this aspiration into reality by establishing a special vehicle to undertake this project, to raise funds and to become the first of its kind operator for Islamic aged care.

Our  Philosophy & Our Stories

Things That Completes Us

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Why Seterra Group?

The Founders of Seterra Group of Companies has been actively pursuing the planning, establishment and implementation of this Islamic Aged Care Residence for the last eight (8) years . This persistence and perseverance in fulfilling  the vision of their Qariah, is a testament to the tenacity, endurance and vision of the company.

Moreover, the Founders of Seterra Healthcare are not only the Qariah but also a long-standing residence of Bukit Damansara. It is their home, it is their kampung, within the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur.

In proposing a project of such magnitude these “Qariah” and residents has for the past years been continuously engaging the Resident Association (RA) and the community on this development project. This is key in any proposed development in Bukit Damansara. The fact it is developed and operated by one of its own augurs very well and has been well received by the Bukit Damansara Community.

The combined current management corporate experience of over 240 years, may be basis to undertake this project but the most important ingredients to implement this project is not of the corporate experience but a ”kesedaran” that we are merely Allah’s servants to implement HIS plans , not ours.

Researching and Writing

Centre for Islamisation

A major part of the implementation of this Islamic Aged Care revolves around the purification of the soul, for the preparation of one’s final journey to meet their Maker.

The Caregivers (Al Ra’ei™) have to be specially trained, not only having the ability to administer medical care, but more importantly the spiritual care.

In view of this the Founders of Seterra Healthcare embarked upon a journey to identify suitable proponents of a holistic Islamic Aged Care practice.

findings, of what constitutes a true Islamic Aged Care facility.

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Husnul Khotimah and Aged Care

The key element in the preparation of one’s final journey is to seek the Rabb’s pleasure with His servant and the attainment of a peaceful soul.

Husnul Khotimah is a condition where a servant, before the end of his life, strives to attain taufik and hidayah, aspires to stay away from everything that He forbids, repents all acts of past immorality and sins, as well as to immediately do good deeds continuously, until his very last breath.

Focus and emphasis on spiritual remedy with the modern medical care . The goal is preparation for the final journey home.

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