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Seterra Dialogue (SEDia) 2023

Championing the Cause to transform Islamic Aged Care in Malaysia

Malaysia is already an ageing society and there are wide geographic, gender and ethnic disparities.  The pace of ageing is very rapid with aged care disabilities and dependencies increasing.

In 2022, Seterra took the initiative to organize the FIRST International Forum in Malaysia on Islamic Aged Care called the “SETERRA DIALOGUE 2022” OR SEDIA22.

SEDIA22 sought to catalyze and create awareness on the urgent need to connect all stakeholders involved from Government regulators and departments, religious councils, Industry players, GLCs, financial institutions and others, to work together to transform the Islamic Age Care industry in Malaysia in the areas of:

sustainable business models, 

achieving Global standards and benchmarks of care,

changing perceptions - aged care according to the Quran

financing Islamic aged care

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that:

all Malaysian Muslims have access to quality aged care services

Community based Islamic Aged Care facilities can be built for all population

strata of Malaysia

Malaysia will produce and train highly skilled caregivers in Islamic modules

SEDIA22 was held virtually due to COVID-19 lockdown and was co-organized with MyAgeing University Putra Malaysia (Malaysian Research Institute on Ageing) and University College MAIWP.

A Roundtable discussion was held with overseas and local experts to discuss a roadmap which was encapsulated in the Damansara Declaration 2022.  A Youth Summit hosted by the Eminent Sheikh Dr Sajid Umar, Mufti and Judge from the UK attracted about 300 youths  while the SEDIA22 conference proper also attracted close to 400 participants.    

SEDIA23 will be held in October 2023 so please contact us for sponsorship and conference details soon.




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