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Pioneering Modern, World Class Islamic Aged Care 

Seterra Healthcare

Everyone's different life journeys, requires personalised spiritual and physical wellness plan.



We are the Seterra Group of Companies

Seterra has embarked on a mission to revolutionise the standard of Islamic Aged care in Malaysia

by setting new world class standards in the area of Aged healthcare facilities, High and Future technology implementation in building new and cutting-edge digital platforms, applications and solutions that will monitor, be predictive, proactive and implement preventive measures to ensure that optimum health and wellness of our customers are achieved.

We aim to ease the burden of ageing.

Paramount to this initiative, the spiritual and emotional aged care needs of our customers are also looked into with groundbreaking curriculums co-created with Islamic faculties and university Islamic scholars to cover all grounds and aspects of ‘Husnul Khotimah’ so that they will find peace and contentment in their later years.  

This, in essence, is what we will achieve – a high state of spiritual, physical and emotional well-being

for our Islamic aged residents.  

By engaging with all stakeholders, including the Government, Seterra hopes to build an industry standard

for all aged care facilities in Malaysia to uplift the care and services standards rendered

in taking care of all aged in Malaysia.

It is estimated that 15% of Malaysians (5.7 million) will be aged 65 years and older by year 2045. 

Malaysia will be an aged nation by 2045.  This silver-haired Tsunami of an aging population in Malaysia

is COMING and we must be prepared.

Seterra is a Syariah compliant, social enterprise company in Malaysia.

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